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Will I be a glutton for punishment?

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I am not a book snob. I will read anything – any length of book, any genre, any author.

I still regularly make book recommendations and I rarely discourage anyone from reading anything they want. And with Freedom to Read week just around the corner, I like to acknowledge how lucky we are to have the opportunity to read pretty much anything we want to.  I do however try to suggest books that I think offer more than just words on paper (and are age appropriate when needed). But let’s be honest, everyone has their taste and some books are just better than others.

So let’s talk Fifty Shades of Grey. I once got into an argument with a friend about Fifty Shades of Grey because I mocked the book. I had read one page, and one page was more than enough to know it wasn’t well written and said as much. I think she thought I was mocking her, because she loved it.

For the record, I haven’t read Twilight either – which if you didn’t already know was the inspiration for Fifty Shades. Fifty Shades is Fan Fiction. It’s an ‘I wish Edward and Bella had been more like this’ book.

Well there is a new found interest in the book with the release of the movie this weekend; just in time for Valentine’s Day. I’m not really sure how the Patron Saint of Love, Young People and Happy Marriages (or a cherub in a toga for that matter) fits in with blindfolds and Ben Wa balls but I guess I’ll find out. Yes, I have decided to spend a few hours over the next few days reading the first book.

I picked up a copy of E.L. James’ book at a local thrift store – there were five copies to choose from. It did seem a little odd to be buying an ‘erotic’ novel second hand; take from that what you will, but I also had no interest in paying full price for a book that will likely find itself back on that same shelf next week.

I already know it’s not going to be great literature, but will it get me hot? I mean that’s the point right?

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  1. I’m with you I haven’t read, however I won’t on principle when the publisher doesn’t even make an effort to edit, why spend my money on it.

    I read romance and erotica but I will admit I’m not really interested in BDSM which is the classification I’d place this book. I hold no opinion against someone who read it and loved it, each to there own.

    I am interested in your assessment when you’re done.

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