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How I stop resisting and fell in love (with reading) again.

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I can talk a blue streak about books. For goodness sakes, I owned a bookstore – I spent my entire days talking about books, encouraging people to buy books. All the while, I had a dirty little secret. I wasn’t reading. Yes, I would make sure the book club book was read in time for a gathering, I would check in on the latest book news that my Google alerts would send me. I would check out what others were saying and reading on social media, but I wasn’t sitting down, book in hand, reading.

11295603_704228783039225_743574570244287180_nI’ve always been around books. My grandmother and mother were and are voracious readers. I always joke about the fact that my Nan wore out two libraries. She often came home with books she had already read and had forgotten about – because of the number of books she went through, and/or because the publisher had issued a new version with a different cover. After carting two large totes of books home, she would sit down go through her picks, read a page or two and then often put the book back down and say, “read it”, “read it”, “read it”. When I was small, I used to walk around with a book behind my back and my family would scatter in all directions because they knew it was my Golden Book Snow White that I was bringing to them for the 100th time to have them read to me.

I love books. I have books all around me at home; I always end up in the book section of a store and spend a great deal of time going through bookish websites and newsfeeds. I love sharing whimsical thoughts, ideas and posts about books on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (I am still learning how to navigate Instagram, Tumblr and Reddit – but give me time), and encouraging other people to pick up books, but reading?! That’s an altogether different thing.

10996437_1589142974698991_375238396467450987_nI recently found myself with a little extra time and I decided to force myself to read a book. It wasn’t necessarily a book I ‘had claimed to’ be dying to read or that had been recommended to me, or even a book I had started and stopped and decided to finally try to finish. I looked at my bookshelf and thought, sure, that one, why not? So I sat down and I read, and I got uncomfortable. So I put the book down and went and did a few things that I had to do and then came back. And when I felt uncomfortable again, I put the book down and watched a little television, and made myself something to eat. But I came back and I picked the book up again. Little by little I found myself relaxing and enjoying the story, and wanting to read the book and slowly I found myself wanting to put other things aside to read the book – which was when my guilt would set in. There were other things that I should be doing, responsibilities I needed to focus on. This was irresponsible of me to be reading – for fun. I hadn’t felt this way in a very long time and frankly it is hard (in a crazy paced world) to just sit and be still and let your mind do all the work, but I did. And I LOVED the book. Ah, I loved the book. And when I was finished I put it down, I couldn’t wait to pick up another.

we-lose-ourselves-in-books_we-find-ourselves-there-too_via-the-write-teacher_peoplewhowriteSo I went back to my bookshelf and picked up another book. And I had the same struggles, but the stops and starts were fewer and farther between. And when my eyes would get tired, I would close my eyes and relax – and then suddenly wake up ready to read again. Other things started to happen – the television would stay off more often, and I found myself trying to find ways to eat while reading. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was read. And now I’m on my fifth book and I am even more excited about reading this book than the last. I feel like I am carrying around a treasure.

It’s okay to go through little phases where you just don’t want to read, find it challenging to read, or don’t LIKE reading. Maybe it’s a bit like a relationship – sometimes you just need a little time apart to realize how much you really love the one you are with. I thought about comparing reading to exercising but I haven’t exercised in a long while either, so one thing at a I have fallen in love with reading again and I am going to enjoy every page I turn.

Of course I haven’t curbed my addiction to bookish things and I still think books are beautiful to look at and to own. But like most beautiful things, I’ve remembered it’s what’s inside that counts.


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  1. I don’t think you’re alone in being a book lover and lover in all things books BUT fell out of love with reading. I was a late reader but I read faster than most people I know however I too fell out of reading for more than 10 year … I thank J.K. Rawlings for giving me back my LOVE reading.
    I’m in a wonderful reading place these days, I read what I’m in the mood for. Even when I know there is things to do (like dishes), I am happier when I’m reading. Genre is a game and a mood so these days it’s not surprising for me to several books on the go at one time. Still in love with witches, romance, and mystery.
    I am so very glad you are back to reading … hope it’s a renewed love affair

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