Roxanne Reads


Roxanne Reads’ alter ego, Roxanne Deans has been an avid reader and book lover all her life. She has been actively involved in the book business for over a decade, running her bookstore Roxanne Reads New and Used Books both online and at her shop in Toronto (from 2005-2010) and previously working as a bookseller – where she honed her skills making book recommendations, learning industry trends and networking with other bibliophiles.  

Previous to her time in the stacks, Roxanne was an actor and theatre producer for 15 years and is looking forward to bringing that experience and creative perspective to her new vision of Roxanne Reads.

Though we have no plans to open a new shop, the new Roxanne Reads aspires to be a unique and interactive online community of readers and book lovers and hopefully very soon, your GO-TO for all things books.